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06 LGT Quarter Glass Replacement Thread


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Hi all, long time lurker first time fixer now. :)

I'll be using this to gather my thoughts on my repair project as i've hit several out of ordinary obstacles. 1st Self caused, I know i'm dumb and welcome any criticism. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Love my car, 198k.:cool:



--Possible Purchase but need molding



Need to figure out removal process on upper quarter trim, or do i?

Remove seats and then trim to cut out


Need help figure out Removal process on glass while trying to salvage Discontinued Drip channel Glass pins all still stocked see below (#7 DAM not worried about)




Found a local glass shop that offered removal and install for labor if i had parts, What should i do solo? Im a broke dad, we're all in the real world out here in our subaru or elsewhere. i'll save a buck anywhere i can.


I did'nt see a thread anywhere else in the entire world about this problem, if needed would love to keep up a finished intellectual fix thread after this is said and done, oh and any shop i ask wont help cus im taking their money, most wont do old glass due to warrenty and profit loss on parts (straight from the horses mouth not an assumption no bad vibes to glass workers pls help me lol)


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Heyo, I just had the QP glass reinstalled on my Legacy after a glass out paint job. The removal and installation was done by a glass tech from Portland Auto Glass, a regional glass company.


To remove, first you must remove the weatherstripping around the windows. This is achieved by first removing the rubber weatherstripping then you remove about a dozen phillips head screws that hold the weatherstrip track to the chassis via plastic well nuts. This trim should not be installed on the vehicle when the new glass panel goes in since the QP glass panel trim has a locating tab that the rest of the black trim that runs all the way down the front A pillar slides onto.


The QP glass and black trim are one unit. I purchased a replacement glass panel from Subaru for the one I broke during removal. The glass tech removed the other side without damaging it.


The QP glass is located with three pins and glued in. I removed the interior QP trim piece which the glass tech said was helpful as he was able to work from the inside and avoid damaging the outside since the black trim cannot be removed from the glass panel. The glass tech handled the installation as well. They chisel away the old adhesive, clean with alcohol, use some activator, and applied new sealant through a milwaukee caulk gun. Not sure what adhesive was used, it may be referenced in the service manual but I think pretty well whatever is commonly used for this would be OK.


I don't remember what I paid for the new glass panel from Subaru. They're available new and used on eBay, or at least were when I was shopping earlier this year.


Hope that helps!

My 2007 specB (full undercarriage & drivetrain refinish, every nut and bolt replaced, full engine rebuild/restore, glass-out respray, air ride, wide body, and more! All done by me, at home!)

Instagram: @bagriders_john for more Subarus (and also my wife and cat)

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The QP glass is very hard to remove without breaking. On the '08 I parted I was only able to salvage one out of the two (still have the passenger side) and from what I know the molding and glass were an assembly from Subaru and pretty pricey.


Good luck!

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