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O2 Sensor Location

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I own a JDM Legacy GT 2007 and have bought the AEM AFR Gauge. I have a COBB downpipe and usually the WB O2 sensor would go in the aftermarket bung COBB has available near the turbo. But the previous owner, who installed the COBB downpipe, installed the factory O2 sensor in that aftermarket bung. From all the diagrams and forums I've read that sensor should be in the headers, which nothing is in there atm. But it looks like the harness for the O2 sensor only could reach where it is now (look at the picture). Is this location for the O2 sensor? Maybe a difference from UDSM to JDM versions? I can easily extend the harness, but just wanting to know if anyone has come across this.


Link to photos: https://imgur.com/a/D1wlimv

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