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My 2008 Legacy GT Limited Automatic (no acceleration)

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m97pFbJI have searched for almost 2 years to fix this issue before finally asking on here. I have a 2008 Legacy GT with 106k on it and when I try to accelerate the car does not wanna move for about 5 seconds before it does most of the time. A lot of times it will not even be able to get up a hill. I used my Launch scanner x431 on it (See pic) and to me it looks like its the throttle body so I changed it along with a DEATSCHWERKS pump and than changed that out with 2 new genuine fuel pumps just trying what others suggest, a genuine gas pedal, and the fuel pump control in the trunk. I changed the throttle body again yesterday to another genuine but used this time off of a 2007 GT out of desperation and the car ran great for about 40 miles but the tester still said it was bad. Today its back to acting up. I know its something to do with the throttle body but i changed the other parts out of desperation/stupidity. Only mods are an aftermarket stereo with kit from japan and added a subwoofer (not hooked up atm), Nvidia exhaust and the big 4 wire upgrade. I assume its a short somewhere so the car sits constantly. I drive my Acura TL daily as its much more reliable but I want my Subaru back up. Please throw some ideas my way.
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