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Subaru Outback Dual Range 5 speed ques

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Hey guys,


Looking to beef up my 5 speed dual range box in my outback (Australia)- does anyone know if wrx/sti 5 speed synchros/bearings are able to be swapped into my gearbox as I'm looking to reliably handle H6 power but would be awesome to keep the dual range instead of swapping in a 6 speed box - just want to see if anyones attempted this before. I've read that both boxes are very similar but can't find much information on the size and part numbers for synchros bearings for either transmission. I'm betting the US guys with outback XT's use a similar transmision to mine with the dual range box with stronger synchros/bearings from the wrx/legacy gt to handle turbo power but I am unsure about this too as we never got these in Aus.


Cheers guys

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No dual range in the US after the old GL/DL cars of the ‘80s. So I doubt you will fine much info from North America. I suspect you are right, that in a similar year range the parts may swap, but you may have to be the trail blazer.
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