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Legacy 6th Gen Coilovers Shockworks

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Hi all,

Based in Australia and have finally refined a custom set of Coilovers for the 6th Gen Legacy Sedan 3.6R. It has taken the patience of Shockworks adjusting Springs front & rear, along with Valving to finally get a ride that is balanced, refined that handles unbelievably well. I have tracked my car and the handling now with a larger front brake kit is just incredible. Contact Chris or Brett at Shockworks Melbourne Australia.


They also developed a front top hat that reduces front end crash over deep potholes an issue with Australian 2016 models.


Will post photos, very happy with the ride comfort and then the shocks ability to firm up when pressed.


Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 22mm (BSR49XZ)

Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (KLC182)


Mako Custom Made Sway Bars. 18mm Front Sway Bar, Bushes & Brackets.

OEM is 22mm A decrease of approx. 123% as per Whiteline Sway Bar diameter conversion chart.

Alloy Brackets Front Sway Bar

Whiteline Roll Centre Bump Steer Kit (KCA313)


Superpro Rear Upper Lateral Arm Bushings (SPF3100K)

Superpro Rear Crossmember Insert Mounts (SPF3907K)


Prova - Rear Cross Member Fixing Collars (45150SN0200)

Prova - Front Cross Member Fixing Collars (45140SN0101)


Shockworks - Coilovers & Front Coilover NVH Top Mount


Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 20mm (BSR49Z)

Whiteline Rear Subframe Mount Bushing (KDT937)

Whiteline Positive Power Kit - Front (KDT905)

Whiteline Positive Power Kit (KDT906)

Whiteline (W21301)







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... They also developed a front top hat that reduces front end crash over deep potholes an issue with Australian 2016 models. ...


That’s a plus. It was one thing that annoyed me about our previous 2016 Liberty 3.6R


Shockworks website.

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