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Replacing centre diff/viscous coupling in spec.b


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Obvious symptoms. The car has 225000km on odometer. The question is: does the transmission have to be removed in order to replace viscous coupling? Or it can be done with transmission in the car? Or perhaps it's better to remove to have better access to it? What do you think guys?


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it can be done in the car. obviously you have to pull the driveshaft and assorted hardware, but you just have to pull off the tail housing of the trans. there may be some shaft end-play checks you want to do that may require trans removal if the backlash is too high, but the service manual should help you there.
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Just to let know anyone who may be interested...

I took my spec.b to the shop. They didn't have to take the tranny out. They replaced the viscous coupler, a few bearings (big ball bearing & a couple of cone bearings & shaft seal.

All in all they charged me 6 hrs which is much cheaper then dealership (thy told me that the tranny must be taken out & labour would be 18 hrs !!!). Everything is good now. All symptoms are gone & I can tell the difference even when going straight so it must've been some little biding before.

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