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Another tuning thread..


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So i have a 2005 legacy gt AT 83k miles, with a OTS Stage 2 from cobb, grimspeed catted dp, catless sti up, AND spt catback exhaust, ive dabbled in tuning before but i need some help from the pros. eventually id like to get my car dynoed, but until then, id like to try and correct some detonation knocking that ive had going on. first, ive been reading around alot, and have gathered some knowledge, but have been unable to figure out how to get learningview working on my laptop, (win10). If someone could point me in the right direction, so that i can log some WOT runs with Learningview, that way i can at least start to figure this all out. i have accesstuner since i was unable to get my vagcom cable to work properly with ecuflash.
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