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Anyone watch Dateline?


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I was quite impressed that the Legacy GT got the Gold mark. Made me feel a little safer. Another good reason to buy an LGT!
The IIHS Gold award isn't applicable to the 2005 Legacy, which received only a "Marginal" rating in the IIHS's side-impact tests. Subaru made improvements to the vehicle structure, front seats and seat-deployed torso airbags for the 2006 Legacy.
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Here's a link to the story. You'll need to use IE if you want to watch the video though.


<offtopic>Someone explain this to me - of all the WMP videos that work fine in Firefox elsewhere, why is it that videos on MSNBC require IE? Is MS incredibly stupid, or are they just blatantly designing in an incompatibility in order to further impose their browser on the masses? Do they really miss that remaining 8% of the market share that much?</offtopic>

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