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FREE headlights 08-09 (bronx.ny)

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I have two sets of headlights


one pair if painted black and gold on the inside (not a good job, these would require some paint, good for custom work and they're OEM)


Second pair I bought off someone either here or on Facebook

they are cleared out and one is missing a support tab(OEM)


they're is also a single one with a chipped off corner


08-09 grill (plasti dip will have to be redone or removed)


I also have a few of the headlight brackets



Selling the car so don't need these


if anyone is interested in a 2008 spec.b let me know. Its in good mechanical condition. some cosmetic flaws. tuned @EFI and serviced @AZP. clean title









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I Would love a set of those headlights to paint up real nice. I've got a crack in one and a leak in the other light. Would love a spare set to fix so I can still have a set on the car, as it's my daily and my day projects never finish in a day lol
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