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2005 Subaru Legacy rebirth

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Hey everyone, I’ve been apart of this forum as well as NASIOC since I graduated highschool. I’ve always been a lurker and usually prefer to read all the of the posts rather than participate. However with the excitement I am feeling I just had to make my first post.


In January on my way to work, my legacy completely died on me as I was accelerating up a hill. Got the car towed to my parents house so that I could have access to every tool known to man and started the long process of getting my car back on the road.


A little back story. I’ve owned 98 Impreza, 2002 WRX, 2004 STI and now my 2005 legacy. Prior to that I’ve put in wrench time on ford broncos, ALOT of time working on my first car a Mitsubishi 3000GT as well as working on my parents and friends cars. Everything from Volkswagen corado to an eagle tallon. While I would never call myself a mechanic, I would say that I’ve spent my far share of time under a car.


My legacy is a 2005 limited GT, 5eat and was 100% stock except for a Cobb access port. It has 198k miles and up until this year ran perfectly. I did all the normal maintenance that these cars need. I’ve owned this car since it was brand new and it’s treated me very well.


The first code I got when the car died was P0172, and through out my journey we worked through P0011, P0700, P0725, P0345, P0300, P0300-P0304, P0102, P0113.


We replaced the stock turbo with a VF40 Turbo from BNR Supercars.


Installed direct feed oil line with new oil filter, which is pretty ******* awesome and easy. Take a look at BNR super cars walkthrough, way easy!


New DW 740 Injectors


Cat less up pipe – installed 2.2k ohm resistor in place of exhaust temp probe.




Coil packs


MAF sensor


Cam sensors


Crank sensor


Knock sensor


Temp sensor


Oil pressure sensor




Replaced All vacuum and coolant hoses


Reinforced intercooler against potential leaks (bulletproof mod)


New Timing belt/ pulleys / water pump


Fuel pump


And while under the noticed my cv boots were in very poor condition so we replaced the Front Axles as well.


So I replace all of this and when I go to start her up, i still get the general misfire code and cylinder 3 misfire. UGH.... at this point I’m completely discouraged and decided that it’s time to get the car to the professionals.


Enter - geared garage in Reno NV.


Eventually it turns out my cylinder 3 coil pack was not actually seated on the spark plug. They replaced that and the car runs perfectly!


So now I’m on the next step, they are going to give me a dyno tune and I should have my baby back tomorrow.


The legacy is not terribly hard to work on, however I would 100% say that sometimes she’ll fight ya and be prepared to smash and scrap your knuckles along the way. Cursing and beers required!


To all those Subaru fans out there, send me some good luck that I get my car back and here’s to the next 100k.






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