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Various Powertrain Faults P0600

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Hi Team,

I have a 2003 Legacy Wagon 2.0GT (Japanese Import to New Zealand), with 280,000kms on the clock, only just run in.....:lol:


A few weeks ago, the engine light popped up along with a flashing SPORT light and ER HC on the digital trip meter. Very Christmas tree like...


After plugging in the old ODM reader in, I got the P0600 - General High-Speed CAN fault. This was somewhat concerning but next to useless for trying to track down a fault. Off I went to the local Subaru shop to plug the car in to their SSM.


The following additional fault codes were also generated.

P0725 – Engine Speed Input Circuit

P1718 – AT CAN Communication Circuit

P0817 – PN Signal output circuit


The fault was sporadic for about a week and would come and go, but after that its pretty well full time.


Easy stuff first - Some basic inspections of the ECM and wiring were carried out with out anything obvious, the Crank Position sensor was replaced (based on the P0725 fault code). Fault remains.


After speaking to the Subaru mechanics, they recommended replacing the Body Interface Unit (BIU). Sounds easy huh.......NO, the BIU includes the immobilizer circuit so the car wouldn't start. After finding someone who could re-programme the BIU to talk to my keys and get the car started, the fault still remains......Grrrr


My aftermarket Mongoose alarm has been playing up recently and I have been told if this unit is faulty then it could be influencing a CAN bus fault. Im going to have this disabled just in case.


My next things to look at would be to replace the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and/or the Transmission Probes/Harness. The fault codes appear to be linked to an electrical fault but if anyone has other recommendations, I’m open to suggestions.


Thanks in advance.

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