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Climate control not working with remote start

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I just got done installing the factory remote start for my 2019 Subaru Legacy Sport. I then took it to the deal and they registered it (programmed). The remote start works perfect but the climate control settings will not come on and adjust the ac/heater if started with the remote. It will however come on with the last climate control settings when I start it with out the remote start. The dealer did not know why. I installed it using the this installation instructions. https://techinfo.subaru.com/stis/doc/accInstallGuide/H001SAL102%20Push%20Start%20RES%20Install%20Ins%204280842%20Rev%20-%20ENG_FRN%203-23-18.pdf


Any help would be appreciated.

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According to the owners manual on my 2016, the climate control is preset to the following when the remote start is used... 77 F degrees warm or cold, defrost on when outside temp is 41 F degrees or colder. It looks like it is not working and you can't change it when it is in that mode.
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That would make sense the day I was testing it it was about 75 degree day. I didn’t see anything in my 2019 owners manual. That’s stupid they try to make the car so smart, you should be able to switch to a manual feature instead being handcuffed by their settings. Thanks for the insight jay bee
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From the 2019 Legacy/Outback Owners Manual, page 7-19:

Pre-heating or pre-cooling

the interior of the vehicle


Before exiting the vehicle, set the tem-

perature controls to the desired setting

and operation. After the system starts the

engine, the heater or air conditioning will

activate and heat or cool the interior to

your setting.

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Jay bee, Thanks so much. This week it finally got cold enough to put it to the test. It was 37 degrees outside. I monitored the climate control from the inside of the vehicle using the remote start. As stated before the climate displays “Full Auto” but nothing else comes up on the display, e.g fan speed, temp, defrost. Nothing happened when i did the remote start but as the vehicles engine temp started to rise, I could hear the fan start and then slowly start increasing. After about 10 minutes the interior of vehicle started to become warm, also notice the rear window defrost was working even though it was not lit up on the climate control center. The start guide you sent makes perfect sense now.


This makes perfect sense now that you shared you engine start guide. They should include that info in the owners manual as well. I can’t believe the dealer didn't even know how the remote climate control system works. I even had one of the service techs call me to explain it to them and another customer that just had it installed on there vehicle. Thanks Again.

Best regards,


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