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Weird boost numbers

Austin L

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Hey I’m new here and just had a few questions about my legacy, looking froward to getting to know you all!


I have a 2003 legacy GT from japan so it’s a 4th gen with the EJ20 T, I haven’t had the car for long and I’ve been in the process of moving and going to university so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it.


My issue is that when I bought it I installed some gauges (more to cover a rip in the dash than anything else) but I noticed I was only making about 5 psi no matter what weather, what gear, I did some research and a lot of people said it’s usually cause the little Pea in one of the lines from the wastegate is in the wrong tube and sure enough it was, however when I moved it nothing changed. But at least I fixed that. The car is slightly modified. Exhaust, coil overs and a few other things but the engine is stock for the most part nothing more than some wires leading to some gauges. This was like this for awhile until last week when suddenly I hit the gas and the car finally found some boost and shot off so quick I nearly rear ended the guy in front of me (I’m not new to fast cars or turbos I’ve owned a 400hp 3000gt in highschool) but it just surprised me. When I found some more space it hit I again and the boost went up to around 16-17 pounds. I knew this was too much so I let off. This was weird it just suddenly changed and I don’t know why. The car was modified in japan so I’m not really sure what’s going on in there but It’s at 140000 km and I don’t feel like blowing part my head gasgets in Victoria where I have no tools and no auto connections.


Does anybody have an idea why this is happening? Or what I can do? If theres any other information you might need just let me know. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.




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