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Mechanical damage to drive train during accident?

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So... I have a 2.5 month old 3.6R. I was hit last Monday - t-boned on the passenger side when someone ran a red light. The force of the accident first pushed me sideways, and then backwards. There was enough force involved that the tires on the drivers side were pushed off the bead. My car went 180 degrees and then was pushed into a truck causing damage to the trunk and rear quarter panel.


The initial insurance company estimate includes replacing both passenger side doors and THE B-PILLAR, as well as rear quarter panel and bumper. The passenger side curtain airbags deployed (even though no one else was in the car).


Obviously I'm concerned about the ability for the damage to be fixed - espeicially the b-pillar. I just can't imagine that its ever going to be as strong as it was coming from the factory.


Question for you -- what other mechanical issues should I ask the repair people to look at? For instance, would the car being pushed backwards while in drive damage the CVT? What about the trans axles? ANY and ALL advice is welcome! (I would really rather have the car totaled and just start over, but I think the insurance company is going to fight me)

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I know Subarus are strong and have modular frames but damn, that should be totaled.


Regarding the transmission, the system has electronic and built-in safeguards to prevent damage if there is a sudden change in drivetrain direction. Its very similar to the system that prevents damage when you throw it into reverse at highway speeds.


But still...total that sucker :(

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I had my b pillar replaced in my 04 wrx wagon with no ill effects, but it wasn't nearly as violent an accident. My wife's old Outback got rear ended about 5 years ago, and the only thing that's been wrong with it has been electrical, but I've read stories about non-accident ones having similar issues, so who knows.

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