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clutch pedal adjustment?

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ive just brought a 2010 jdm br9 with nearly 80k miles.the clutch bite point is nearly on the floor.

how can I raise the bite point?

would an oil change help?

all gears seem to select properly and the clutch pedal isn't heavy.

there is also a wine when the clutch pedal is down the car has been sat for about 4 months.

please help.thanks

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Sounds like the throw out bearing is failing or the clutch fork is split. There is no "adjustment" on these hydraulic clutches. It's possible too that the hydraulic system could be leaking, low on fluid or not sealing at the master cylinder or slave cylinder.
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I wonder if it was because of lack of use.I drove it properly for the first time last night after a few miles the clutch stopped whining and the bite point has come up about 20mm.pedal is also heavier, so might be time for a new clutch soon. car drives and shifts properly. I will change the oil and look for a leak. thanks
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The whine was probably from the throw out bearing drying out from non-use. Mine will make some groans or squeals if the car hasn't been driven for a while. The low pedal could have had something to do with moisture in the system or a very tiny leak in the hydraulic system that showed up because it sat for some time. When yu used it a few times it built pressure or worked the moisture out.
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