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Oil in intake

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Hey folks,


Got a weird problem here. I'm working on a 2000, BH5 JDM Legacy GT Twin Turbo, it was my bosses old car, he was on the highway then lost power and most of his oil. So I figured he blew the oil seal on the inlet side of the turbo....when I go to remove the intercooler, the secondary turbo has oil dripping out of the outlet so I figure that's the problem, the primary turbo was clean. SO fast forward, I've changed the secondary turbo, changed the fowled spark plugs, removed and cleaned the sensors, performed a compression check on all the cylinders, #1 185, #2 189, #3 186, #4 190. so I don't think I'm dealing with excessive blowby. The PCV valve was gunked up, so I cleaned it,(and have a replacement on the way. I don't have oil in the air cleaner box, MAF sensor was clean. but theres oil in the intake that feeds the turbos...


Ok to today, after I got the new plugs in, I cleaned the intercooler out which had a substantial amount of pooled oil in it, there was oil pooled in the pressure side of the intake manifold just after the throttle body....all cleaned out. Put everything back together and fire it up, and it runs and revs exactly like it should for about 30 seconds, then goes back to acting likes its bogged down, rough idle, wont rev past 2000 rpms etc... I go to pull the intercooler again, and the primary turbo is filled with oil on the cold side...and the intercooler has a bunch of oil in it, just for idling for 10 minutes. when I ran that motor for that time, I had the breather disconnected from the intake manifold and left the PCV valve hose off.


So my question is....unless the other turbo just went bad....how are large amounts of oil gonna get into the intake? is there another breather underneath the manifold that's sucking in the oil? is there more than one pcv valve? I've been an aircraft mechanic for the last 18 years, so I know my way around an FSM.....except im in Japan and I cant read them lol...All of my trouble shooting experience is telling me that the primary turbo is fine(im gonna pull it tomorrow and check it anyway) and theres another way other than the pcv and crankcase breather(which are both blocked off for trouble shooting) for oil to get sucked in the motor. The engine code is EJ206, DOHC Twin Turbo, AT

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