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Subaru Rust Question


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Hey everyone! I have a question about my 2004 legacy that I picked up before the winter started. She has been an absolute beast, but I have a question about a rust spot that is starting to form, that I believe is just surface rust.


My front right wheel dosent have a fender liner and I have ran it like that all winter. The rust spot was not there at the beginning or even middle of winter, it has just come about recently. Forgive my noobyness, but I believe that the area that the rust is forming on is the fender and not the body of the car, and is just surface rust rustconverters.net/best-rust-removers/? Should I have someone sand and repaint the area before i install the fender liner, or would it be wiser to get a whole new fender. The area in the pics looks pretty dirty but thats from snow/salt/dirt from driving today. Any help is greatly appreciated

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