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Jdm sg9 forrester sti 2.5 swap into my 05 lgt

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Recently purchased a legacy gt limited with a locked up engine. Looking at all the options of new engine or rebuilding. My questions are will the sg9 jdm 2.5 engine work In my car and if so what will need to be addressed.. the engine come with harness and jdm ecu but will that work with the 5 speed 1. We have 5 speed 5eat and the Forrester has 6 speed what will I need to make it work.

The sg9 has a Differnt turbo I know so basically just differnt tune. I have seen post and pics of the usdm 2.5 sti in the cars just didnt know what difference the sg9 was and what is a list of things that need addressed.


Thank you for any info

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