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Is the dealer taking advantage of me? P0014 code


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My 2010 Legacy GT Limited (manual transmission) with 125,000 miles check engine light is blazing. The dealer said that it will cost $3,200 to fix the timing problem indicated by the p0014 code that came up.


I would appreciate your advice about:


1. Is it worth investing in this repair? I have maintained the vehicle following Subaru guidelines throughout its life & love the car.


2. Is it time for a new car???


Thanks for your help in advance.



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You need to find a true Subaru/performance shop. Why would you go to a dealer? they are there to make money. Also we need more information of what is wrong with your car and timing. you might be able to drop a used motor with lower miles in for less.


I am not sure why people that buy these performance cars go to dealers. find a shop. I am not one for car payments, but if you like them get a new car. cheaper to fix it then make a car payment for 5-6 years.

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