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Maxspeedingrods coilover 05 lagacy


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Hey I'm new to the Subaru world and I'm loving it so far .


So I was in the market for coilover something to get the car low and not loose too much comfort I look at God speed, rev9, raceland, maxspeedingrods I have driven on God speeds and d2 and ksports

When I first installed the maxspeedingrods coilover on my legacy gt wagon the front had some clunking noise but that was easily fixed with some grease by the pillow ball suggested doing this before you in stall the coilover everything bolts right up the front brake line bracket may need to be bent to bolt it up and relief tension on the brake line the back was straight forward install

Now for how it rides after my install I went for a drive the back was a bit bouncy so I I adjusted the damper to 5clicks front was ok but I added 10 click let me tell you it made a world of difference car drove alot smoother and the week after that the car felt even better when it got aligned that help too. The Quality of the coilove are up to par with 700 dolla coilover they didn't cheap out on the material in my thought you guys may think differently the paint on the coil I'll have to wait and see out it holds up this winter..... I put these coilover above the godspeed SS and right behind the ksport kontrol pro because theists not at the d2 level ... just my thoughts give maxspeedingrods a try if you're on a budget they actually good I'll update if any problems thx

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