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Possible ACVS cam gear issue?

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So I've been trying to track down this misfire I've had for quite some time. So after tracking down a multiple misfire code to a leaky intercooler and replacing it, I'm now getting a P0021 code. When I checked the graph through RomRaider (didn't log it) I saw that bank 2 ACVS is all over the place compared to bank 1. Now after changing the OCV on that bank and not getting any improvement (and yes I checked and made sure the banjo bolt filter was removed) I'm wondering if the ACVS cam gear might be the cause? I had the headgaskets, timing belt, tensioners, and water pump replaced, and had the valves checked and adjusted a few months back. The only thing I can think of is either the cam gear wasn't properly reinstalled/put back together correctly or the timing is off on that gear? I've been dealing with this issue for awhile and the trip to the shop made it better but I didn't want them just slapping new parts in hoping to fix it. I appreciate any help I can get.


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