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shipped from NY, Rear Gate Bar off 2000-2004 wagon

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out of the US spec outback / legacy ? wagon catalogs of 2000-2004.


picked off a 2003 outback wagon, no rust on the fasteners, a little patina rust on the black paint.


so just pick a paint color of your choice before install.

(or maybe some weird wrap :lol: )


$30, plus actual shipping.

and I figured that would be about $25 in the USPS within the US as its long.

(would fit in a 4x4x32" map tube,...so in the "oversized" group,...located in Upstate NY)


also if someone wants a clear smoke rear dust deflector for a 2000-2004,

I can go pick that,..


came off a

2003 outback wagon with dead 2.5 no oil in the engine sitting behind a friend's house,


(so any other parts off a dark blue, dark grey interior, dark cloth seats with heat, all weather package, > please PM or post, as the thing is just sitting there until the scrap metal guys yank it)


trying to add pics




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