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Cyl 3 and 4 misfire simultaneously?

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Here’s a fun puzzle I’m trying to solve: 08 outback 2.5i auto misfiring on cylinders 3 and 4 simultaneously. Only does it under high load when the engine sees over 4500 rpms, otherwise idles and drives flawlessly. Can’t even feel the misfire, my logger just reports 3 and 4 misfire always together with the same misfire count on each cylinder. No other troublecodes.


What’s been done after the problem was observed:

-complete headgasket job/heads inspected

-new coil/wires/plugs

-new ecu installed

-inspected engine harness pack connector pins


Still does the exact same thing under high load. It acts like something electrical since it runs flawlessly otherwise and suddenly 3 and 4 both misfire together. This made me think the coil since 3 and 4 are right next to each other there but replacing it made no difference. Anyone have any other ideas?

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