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Looking to Buy 3rd Gen LGT Sedan

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Hey folks,


I currently drive an '08 LGT Limited, but want to get a 3rd gen into the mix as well. These cars are getting harder and harder to find, especially in a clean GT trim. Sedans only, not really interested in a wagon.


I know folks in this community have cared for their cars, and starting here would be the best bet versus trashed CL or local used shops. I'm just not sure how active this board remains.


If you have one and are somewhat local (1-2hrs) to the central PA region, I would be interested! Feel free to PM me or respond with what you have. I'm cool with any modifications as long as they are detailed, prefer a spoiler and a manual trans but not a must have. Clean paint & body and mechanically sound. Doesn't have to be perfect obviously!


If there is a better method of tracking one down, I am all ears! Thanks for any advice or interest.

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