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So I recently bought a 2004 Legacy. Now keep in mind, I am in Japan, and for some odd reason, they don’t come with owners manuals so I’m all lost. I know it’s the turbo model, but that’s about it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips and some advice about owning one, what to avoid, common issues and fixes, etc. Thanks in advanced !! [emoji16][emoji1474]
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So first you would look under the hood, there is a metal tag on the driver strut tower. This tells you alot. Engine family especially. Mine is bh259. I would take it as a sedan....so you have a 04 Legacy gt. I found an owners manual for an 03 at the junkyard.


The most common problem is most Subaru are known for burning oil. About a quart or so every 3000 miles.


My driveshaft carrier bearing went. I. Now the 3rd person I know with a ripped CV boot.


Anyone else have the rust in the rear wheel wells or is this just a Buffalo thing?

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