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SP Performance Rotors & Pads


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Thanks for welcome guys. I picked up a 10 GT as a daily for dirt cheap. Well, with dirt cheap comes minor issues that need to be addressed. I immediately decided to upgrade the rotors and pads on the car and I wanted to go with something a little more performance because well.... why not lol. I googled and came up with SP Performance Rotors out of Simsbury, CT and saw they offered their Peak Series rotors with a zinc coating on them. I love em! They look cool and offer a lot more stopping power over the stock rotors obviously...and are 1000 more protected with the zinc coating which comes in handy here in the Northeast!


Check em out if you get a chance. Well worth the purchase!


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Morning Everyone, just wanted to let you know that I got a call from SP Performance saying they are getting a lot of traffic and "clicks" coming from this forum and my post so they gave me a discount code. Since I have all new rotors now, I can't use it so if its allowed its "Brian15" to use at checkout on the link in my first post.
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