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Custom Modified 5MT falls out of 5th on decel

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I built a dune buggy that uses a subaru EJ25 motor and 5MT transmission...all in the back. I used the subarugears reverse ring and pinion gearset on a stock 6MT closed LSD. To make all of this work I had to flip the diff to the other side and have the cups machined down 9mm (IIRC) total.


So, on to the annoyance. It grinds a little going into 5th and while in 5th gear on deceleration it will fall out of gear and to "fix" this issue I use a bungee cord attached to the shifter....yes its ghetto, but its also effective LOL. I've already replaced the 5th gear synchro, shift fork and upper 5th gear gearset only because I didnt have the tools to remover the giant nut to remove the bottom gear. None of this resolved the issue. My next idea is to look at the shift coupler. I've been running this for almost 13,000 miles now and aside from this issue its working really good.


Any ideas why this could be happening or where else to look?




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