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EJ20X vs EJ20Y

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Anyone know if there are any major differences between the EJ20X and EJ20Y model. Apart from the obvious, that the X is coupled with auto transmission, Y with manual.


Have an EJ20X engine and looking at installing into a manual transmission legacy, keeping within the 4th Gen legacy for simplicity.

Haven’t found much on the web, most information seems to suggest they are the same.

Any info would be appreciated,


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They're the same, you can definitely use the X with a manual trans. The pre-facelift were more different, where the X had a VF38 vs. the Y with a TD04HLA, but the post-facelift all had VF45. Post-FL also had 3-wire ex. cam sensors and an airpump. The biggest issue is that you need the engine to be the same year as the car so you avoid handling the differences. Look me up on subaruoutback.org, my engine swap thread covers all of it.
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