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is it possible to change speedometer gauges


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i am not a fan of how the gauges look in Legacy 2018. the two holes protruding out doesnt look appeasing. Can i replace it with an older version or customized version? are there any 3rd party services that can help me do that.




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there's a lot of functionality/internal computing done in the combination meter - it's increased in how much is on the CAN bus, how much is done internally, and how things are done has changed from year to year in the 5th gen, bigger changes in the 6th gen, and probably changes after the mid-run refresh for the Legacy as well. There may be overlays, but other than that, you are pretty much on your own, I imagine. The usual sources for JDM stuff, like japanparts, show nothing even along the lines of overlays, though...


If you are looking for a project, maybe try a same year WRX or STi? the communication might be similar then... (I have no idea if the communication protocol used over the CANbus is the same from model to model or even year to year - service manuals really don't get down to that level of detail.

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