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Front camber plate options


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Looking to get more negative camber on the front of my Legacy. Car is lowered on KW Variant 2 coilovers right now and camber is sitting at approximately -2.0 degrees with the OEM camber bolts at the most negative setting. I'm looking to get -3.0 degrees or more in the front to fit more aggressive wheels and tires. I've been doing research on aftermarket camber bolts and front camber plates but haven't been able to find a ton of information and was hoping to get insight from other forum members.


I've been leaning towards Cusco front camber plates and they seem to be the most affordable option for a bolt in front camber plate (compared to Vorshlag plates). One thing that seems to sometimes come up but haven't found a definitive answer is if the 4th gen Legacy shares the same top hat as the GR (2008-2014) STI. My local Cusco dealer can get the STI plates relatively soon but the Legacy specific ones have an undetermined arrival date.


Another option I've been considering are the Whiteline KCA409 strut mounts, which would give an additional -0.5 degrees of camber. Interestingly, this works for both the 4th gen Legacy and the GR STI, leading me to think the STI Cusco plates would work. I'd ideally like to get an additional -1.0 degree of camber so thought maybe I could pair the Whiteline strut mounts with aftermarket camber bolts for a cheaper alternative to the Cusco plates.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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