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2008 legacy ...rebuild or swap engine?

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A friend of mine offered me his 2008 legacy for $500. Car had 138K on it and the motor quit. I've yet to look at it but he was told by his mechanic that it threw a rod bearing.. It had a stock 2.4l 4 cylinder motor in it


I've never messed with Subaru's before, Mostly GM stuff, however this might be a fun project for me considering the car is in very nice shape. No Rust or dents...


My local junkyards usually charge around $300-$500 for that type of motor.


Just looking for some opinions on swapping in a replacement engine. I'm assuming that it will be easier to just do a swap rather than rebuild the current motor...especially if the rod bearing actually did fail.


I found this video of a legacy engine removal... Looks pretty simple and I have all the tools to do it. Just curious if there's anything I should know before I bite off more than I can chew...Such as electrical wiring? Or is the main harness just plug and play?





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If it's in great shape and nothing else is wrong with it, then go for it. It's a straight forward swap. You could probably flip the car for a decent profit too. I imagine the car would sell for around $4,000.
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