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What is the best stereo upgrade for Subary Legacy 2011 2.5i Limited

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Hello I would really appreciate your advice on what is the best stereo radio upgrade for my Subary Legacy 2011 2.5i Limited. These are the most important features I'm looking for:


  • Screen 7" or greater
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port
  • Rear camera access
  • Excellent sound
  • Must fit the dashboard look seamlessly
  • Do not lose steering wheel controls
  • Multimedia (Android or Carplay)
  • Navigation system (optional)


Thanks a lot in advance for your help


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Thanks a lot for the quick response. Will I need to buy special parts to mount it so that it fits?




Thank you,



Yes Metra sells an install kit, and you will need an adapter for the wiring harness and a module for the steering wheel controls. If you check with crutchfield.com you can buy everything at once.


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teering wheel controls work flawlessly including a usable speaker button


The android auto/car play plugs into the factory multimedia hub in the console


Backup camera tied right in (some might need a step down converter for 6V)


The upper clock is no longer controlled by the nav, just push the buttons to set the time


The kit pieces i used are as follows:

Metra 95-8910s - double din for Subaru with factory navigation (there is one for factory non nav)


70-7553 - harness for use with the H/K system



40-SB10-18 - antenna replacement


Idatalink maestro HRN-RR-SU1 - retain steering controls and functionality


1 12 -6V step down camera converter

1 - auxiliary satellite radio receiver (if you choose to keep it)


Your choice of head unit: i picked the Kenwood DDX6706S...its not even on their website yet (its under 7 inches, but you can get an Excelon which is 7")

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