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2002 Legacy GT - Dash lights cutting out

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We are having an issue with our interior dash lights cutting out at random, the car runs perfectly fine engine doesn't cut, door locks work, windows work, radio works, head lights, signals and brake lights as well.


We've checked all of the fuses and they're fine, also have checked relay and it doesn't look like there are any that are for the illumination.


I've attached a couple of photos.



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Sounds like a short or loose connection to the cluster.


Being easiest and cheapest, remove trim , unscrew the cluster, there should be a clip or two to the back. Make sure to unplug, blow into it like a Nintendo game, secure it, reinstall the trim and see if that's better.


If not, I would look into a possibility of a short.


Now if anyone wants to chime in, agree, disagree or share experiences.....

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