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Dumb question:Are the wagon n sedan rear bumpers different?

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wagon and sedan bumpers are different on the back, and only the rear outback bumper cover not the front bumper cover are easily swapped but it must be a wagon to work for you.


but like you said you just hit it so does that mean its just dented or cracked or ripped all the way off. there are ways to fix dented plastic bumper covers without even touching the car.

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What do you do, just hear it up and push it out? That’s cool cuz I’ve got one of those heat guns. Thanks for your help, man!


Just fast forward to 1:37 or so.


it wasn't my idea but its worked on a couple cars i've tried it on, my girlfriend backed into a tree once and that came out and my neighbor backed into another car, both were about the same size dent you have. neither required hitting it from the opposite side but i wont say that you might not have to.

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