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2014 2.5i front diff fill hole.

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Hey guys. I completed rear diff, now on to front diff. Fluid is drained, but I can’t find the fill hole. I have to leave my house in 90 minutes to get my son from daycare. Is the fill hole located right above the passenger side axle? I did a quick search but came up with “ breather tube” which I do not believe applies to MY2014.
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Generally you want to remove the fill plug before draining the fluid.


The fill plug is located on the passenger side of the engine bay and uses a hex socket. I forgot what size it is exactly but i can figure it out when i get home from work today. I used something like this:







I have a '13 and lots of screws/bolts changed in the 5th gen then. There is no tube as shown in the video above. I believe that is for 10-12.

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This is the front fill port for MY2014 Incase anyone is looking. Passenger side just above axle.




No need to take off wheel & wheel well liner to access. I used an 3/8” ratchet with 3” extension and floor jack handle as a persuader. I believe it was a 10mm hex head but don’t quote me on that.


Here’s drain and check ports. (Self explanatory)



Front diff drain plug gasket..



Rear diff drain and check/fill gasket. Front diff check and fill gasket. Need 2 for rear and 2 for front.






Torque specs are as follows (from Haynes repair manual)


Front diff drain plug (T70).. (depending on gaskets)


Aluminum gaskets - 32 ft pounds

Metal or copper gaskets - 51 ft pounds


Check and fill ports - 36.9 ft pounds


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