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Black console shifter trim cover?

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I have a 2005 Outback XT AT w/dual hvac. I'm looking at putting in a double din headunit so I can have a backup camera for my daughter. I've read the threads about the parts needed. My OB has the silver console trim. I know that the JDM part to install a double din is black only. My interior is all black. I would like to have the center shifter console trim be black as well. I've seen a few pics here on this forum that have shown a black console shifter trim cover. Was that an option? From the pics, it looks like the same trim cover that is in the OB but black. Does anyone know the part # for black.




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Not too sure about the part number but you'd probably be better off wrapping the shifter trim in a similar black instead. I believe that's what a few members have done and I plan on doing that as well when I install my dual DIN conversion
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