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Legacy GT 5EAT engine revs when shifted out of Drive

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Hi everyone.


I'm having this problem where the engine revs to more than 1000rpm whenever I shift out of Drive (to N and P). It does this mostly when the engine is hot, sometimes the revs even reach 1500rpm then it will slowly return to normal idle at 750-800.


What could be causing this? Is this something I should be worried about?


Here's the video:

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Thats the torque converter letting go. When the car is in drive there is additional engine load which is being compensated by the ECU, to prevent a stall, once it hits neutral/park it'll rev then reduce. If you go from neutral/park to drive, you'll notice a slight rev drop for the same reason.
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Huh. Revs go up a bit when shifting from Drive to Neutral but never really noticed how high. Offhand I think past 1000rpm is a bit high though.


Will check how mine is and let you know.




Just checked.


Revs settle down to about 750rpm when warm and in Park or Neutral, AC on or off.


When the AC compressor engages the needle just twitches but is still pretty much at 750rpm.


Shifting to D or R from N, RPM hardly moves, at the most 1 to 2 needle widths downward.


Shifting to N from R or D, same thing. Hardly moves or at the most 1-2 needle widths up.

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AC on or off does not make any difference. I thought it was normal at first but every time I reset the ECU, it becomes normal e.g. the RPM barely moves when shifting out of Drive but the "revving"comes back after a few days/kilometers. My theory is the ECU is "over compensating" if it makes sense. Compensating with more than 1000rpm does not seem normal to me. Edited by ivan.ej255
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Thanks for the replies guys. I've already checked for boost leaks, my next step is to replace all the vacuum lines since its not that expensive to buy.



check and clean your idle control valve, check for binding in the throttle plate

I think 5th gen LGT's doesn't have idle control valve, or at least they're not located near the throttle body as they were in the older Subarus.

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