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225-40-18 vs 225-45-18 on a Lowered 2005 GT Wagon


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Hi Guys,

Here is what I've got going on now...


BBS RGR 18x8 (forged) wheels diamond black finish w/ 225-40-18 Hankook Ventus Evo V12 tires

- iON Performance springs

- Koni inserts

- 1/2" rear spring spacers


I need to replace the Hankook's with a set of Michelins before the Dec 15th $100 rebate drops from TireRack.


I'm leaning towards a 225/45/18 vs the 40 series i'm on currently. Granted they are worn, but they look a bit rubber bandy to me and the ride isn't great around town. I'm hoping the 45's will give me some addtional ride comfort and rim protection. My only real concern is rubbing at this point, the car is lowered but not by much.


This is a daily driver through and through, I have another sports car.





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Currently running 215/40R18 on the stock 7inch Factory alloys and will be moving to 225/45R18 for several reasons including tyre choice, more accurate speedo reading, ground clearance increase and rim protection.
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Tough to tell. You might be rubbing on the inside spring perch in the rear, but I don't think the fenders would be an issue. Knowing your wheel offset would help. I'm guessing a small spacer would be needed in the rear.


I'm on iON HD (wagon) springs, no spacer, and konis myself, and have run over a dozen wheel setups. Never a 45 series on an 18" wheel though. I'm kind of interested in the result, comfort is nice.

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Update! So far so good, the 45's definitely fill the wheel wells up nicely and the ride is notable better. The car looks more meaty and how it should look. The handling and turn in still feel great and I don't have any regrets.


The speedo is gps verified to be 2 mph fast, ie 60 means 62, not a big deal IMO.


My car is lowered and under full compression in the front there is a VERY minor fender liner rub, this has only occurred on a bumpy washed out driveway parking spot so far, it does not occur when driving aggressively etc.


I'll get some pictures when/if it ever stops raining.

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