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My wastegate is toast.. what are my options?

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Ever since I got the car, (2006 OBXT 5MT) and it has been getting progressively worse, under hard acceleration I get too much boost and hit the overboost protection wastegate solenoid code P0244. The acceleration is also very stuttery. I also had misfire code which turned out to be because it needed a valve adjustment. Got the valve adjustment, but the wastegate issues were still present, and now I had a new code, p0171, lean on bank 1.


Got it checked out, and removed the downpipe it looks like the wastegate will not operate freely. It will get stuck sometimes, just doesn't open and close smoothly. The turbo appears to be fine.


What are my options? Should I just get a BNR EVOLGT-16g? Is there a way to rebuild the wastegate? Is there any options that wouldn't be a stupid idea and would be more cost effective than just a new turbo? And if I do need a new turbo, what is the best option?


Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ah oh well. Hopefully he has something for me.

So can you replace the wastegate seperately easily? or is it usually rebuilt with a turbo rebuild? It looks to me like it's pretty well integrated with the turbo.

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