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2004 Subaru Legacy 2.0i Transmission Broken?

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Hi guys new here just joined to help get a diagnostic on my 2004 Subaru legacy 2.0i 4-speed automatic transmission


the car has done 270,XXX Km


So i was driving home the other day and i went around a round about and accelerated out and heard something clunk, tried to continue on driving but it then struggled to accelerate, making noises (from trans front) tried going up hill wouldn't go high revs no movement. At this moment i thought trans is fucked.


so just wanting a confirmation is it the trans for could it just be the front diff?

the reason why i bring up the front diff is because before this incident i did notice a distinctive road noise coming from like the front wheel or axle, as the wheels spun faster the pitch would get higher, almost like a winding sound of cogs. but also located near the front is the trans so it hard to distinguish which one


here is a video to help:



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Check the ATF and Gear oil mostly like was never serviced hence why your front differential bearing was whining and is now toast.



Drop the trans pan and find some metal goodies. My first outback suffered this same fate.




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