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Looking for Bay Area Shop Recommends


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Hey folks,


New member here. Trying to follow the rules and post in the right place.


Looking for Bay Area Subaru performance shop recommends. Not sure if this is the right place to ask...


I'm old now with kids and have no time, but have a budget to get some work done to my 2005 5MT. I've seen forum references to LIC in Novato, which is a bit far for me (I'm in SF). Some co-workers of mine recommended Elite Performance in Burlingame where they get their track-day cars worked on.


If I'm in the wrong spot a "piss off you are in the wrong forum" is ok - just point me in the right direction! :)

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I take mine to RBMS in Hayward, Mert and Winston are really great.

Only thing is they don't tune and don't do tires/wheel balancing.


There's also GST down the street in Hayward, they also do tuning, hear good things about them.


SpeedElement in SJ I have heard as well, don't have any experience with them.


Few others but yeah, a lot further, like Vallejo (EQT, Snail)

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