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Bay Area - SF/Peninsula car audio shop recommends


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Did some digging for some prior recommends for a Bay Area (ideally SF/Peninsula/Oakland area) car audio recommends and found "Bing" of Simplicity In Sound in Milpitas. Wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has other shop recommends?


There are a ton of shops around SF/Daly City/South City, but I'd really prefer to go somewhere with a recommend. Ideally someone who has worked on Subaru's before. I've heard countless horror stories of shops that are not well run.


I'm looking for some basic upgrades / "real" sub install, but I have almost no time w/ job + two kids. "Back in the day" I'd do this myself, but those days are long gone!

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My goals are frankly pretty low - want some bass that is better than that infernal under-seat "subwoofer" and some upgraded components in the doors. Otherwise I'd like it non-descript. I've had a bunch of bad luck with guys who are terrible small business people running shops. I'm sure there are good ones around and word of mouth is always the best way for me to find them!
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