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05 2.5i manual swap

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Very simple process involving several steps.

1 - Return to dealer and trade the car in

2 - Purchase the MT car

3 - Enjoy a factory installed MT and not a half-assed, void every part of my warranty MT


BTW, not to be rude, but do the math. Even at 3-4K for a tranny swap you'll still not going to have the same "feel" as the factory setup. And good luck finding a wrecked one and every part you need from a junkyard, and would you really trust those parts anyway? There is going to be quirks and electrical gremlins that appear. At this point the depreciation on your vehicle is probable equal to what the swap would cost.


Final Thoughts - This is not a 1990 Civic hatchback worth 2 grand with countless thousands of available junked parts. The car is only in it's second model year.

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