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Do i use a white pad or red pad for Klasse AIO?

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The white pad is better for AIO. Sometimes AIO needs a little extra help to scrub off oxidation and contamination. On a new car it isn't likely that the white pad will really do much more to help clean your paint since it probably doesn't have many of the problems that an older car would have, but it doesn't hurt.


The Red pad (assuming we are talking about the pads on this page) would be best used for applying waxes and sealants or any other product that doesn't really need cutting action from the pad. If you can apply it by hand then the red pad is what you should use on the PC. Except for Klasse SG. That should always be applied by hand.


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I used the white pad on mine w/ AIO and it looks nice.. I used the red w/ Klasse SG (by mistake, I know OCD.. ).. did a coat by hand the next day and 1 more and it's very mirror-like. It isn't as big of a pain doing it by hand like I thought it would be since you can go onto something else while its drying..
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