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Need to do rear diff bushings. Difference between kdt903 and kdt927?

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Greetings. I'm confused as to which bushing inserts to order for my 08 LGT. The 927 looks like the one that goes on the diff right? And is the 903 for the brace/crossmember holding up the diff?

Thanks for your help.


Just making sure both its for the diff and the support frame. No matter how many times I look at the photo recently posted on the whiteline bushing parts I am not clear on which one to order lol


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It looks like KDT927 is only for the rear diff. It looks like KDT903 includes the inserts for the rear diff, and for the brace. I had to double check the pics I took a few years ago when I did mine, but that's what I'm thinkin. I don't have the whiteline kit, but it basically looks the same. I'd support the diff with a jack when you put the inserts in, I didn't do that at first and I couldn't get them to go into the voids.




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