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New radio install recomendation in hartford area

The Mayor

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Hello all need to get the following done to my LGT but unsure of where to look...anywhere in the Greater Hartford area would be great, just need an honest shop that can do the following:


  • install Jazzy's new board in my radio
  • install my new Harmon Kardon Drive+Play
  • install GLI

Looking for place that will not be an arm/leg, not affraid to do Jazzy's board and a custom stealth install of the rest...appreciate your suggestions!:)

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Paging Concepts

Nanuet, NY



Ask for Adam or Kent

tell them Mike Trevor reccomended them

they do awesome top quality installations


I have another place that might be able to do it if they dont work out for you, let me know.

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Hey, how are things going? Thanks for the info...may have to take you up on that...not getting much of a response yet:icon_frow Your buddy have a shop or is he mobile or do I need to bring the car to him?


No, he does his own work out of his home, I could ask him if his willing to come to our area to do the work.

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I got in touch with him this morning, this is what he asked so that he can price it out for you:


okay i was able to load the thread.


can you get me more details on the work to be done? if he provides schematics or instructions i can wire it. and i can do it @ your garage.


couple questions before i give a quote:


1. will he provide his own wire, or do i have to buy it?

2. same question for butt splices (i normally provide those as i detest the crap you get at normal shops, it's just poor quality)

3. are there any speakers to install? door panels to remove? custom fiberglass? custom MDF enclosures? etc. (ie, is this just a wiring job or both wiring and fabrication)


estimated time to completion, if you have it.


if he could provide links with the equipment to install, that would be great.


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