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BLueChipBMW, your PM box is full, so here is your answer..


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I am sure other people would like to know your dilemma and I couldn't get a hold of you, so here's your answer to your PM to me:


hey keefe - it seems as if the clunking sound is coming from strut bearings. they way the mechanic explained to me is that since my car is sitting lower the shocks/struts are now compressed and when hit bad bump it can cause this to damage my bearings.


how do i avoid this other than avoid the bumps...LOL i know if replace the bearings there is a good possibility this is going to happen again. there arent any aftermarket shocks/struts available to fit with the ion springs..right?


that doesn't seem that's it's working correctly from what I know.. how bad is this clunking?? I mean, it's typical to have a little bit of clunking from the metal to metal contact from the coilover strut tops to the chassis... but what it seems like that you are telling me that it's like someone taking a hammer and banging your car and you are only on stock shocks and Ion Springs... odd.


You can put a thin rubber gasket or o-ring of some sort between the strut hat and the chassis (doubt that would help but worth a shot).. you can buy rubber sheets from a hardware store and just cut out an outline of your strut top and install it between the strut top and chassis.. if that doesnt lessen the sound, then I would be stumped. This is used for coilover setups for those drivers who cant stand even a little bit of clunking.


You can get upgraded STi Group N strut top mounts I believe from http://www.gtworx.com or http://www.racecompengineering.com as I installed a few of those with the STi pinks to keep the car quiet. Call Kelly or Myles at those two places and they'll hook you up.

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