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false knock?


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Hey guys,


I have an 06 legacy gt 5eat with 67,000 miles on it. got the car last November with 57,000 and been taking things slow with it to far. I got an Accessport about 3 months ago and rarely saw knock ( -1.40 FBKC at most) Im on the Cobb Stage 1 +sf 91oct with a Grimmspeed Cold air intake and box. fast forward to last week, my throttle body to TMIC hose popped off so I had to resecure it, and dropped a 8mm socket and a small worm clamp down on the engine, below the intake manifold and could not retrieve them :spin: . after that im starting to see knock of -2.00 up to -5.00 last week. I just logged my trip to work (datalog 5), from work to the gas station (datalog 6)and then home, DAM dropped to 0.750 then back to 1.000 (datalog 7). ive always used shell 93 and oil change at 3,000 mi intervals (I also have a blackstone analysis). Do you think the socket and worm clamp are causing this knock event, and how should I go about things from here?


Edit: datalog 7 file was too large to upload, how should I share it?



Blacktone Oil analysis 7-16-18 Subaru legacy gt 06 blur.pdf

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