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Winter wheels for 2006 Legacy GT spec.B


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For my 2006 Legacy GT spec.B (#273), I'll soon need winter tires. Will 17-inch wheels suitable for a 2005/2006 STi, which have the same bolt pattern (114.3 x 5) as the 18-inch wheels of the spec.B, fit the spec.B? I suppose the major issues are offset and clearance of the brakes.


The cheaper the wheels the better for winter. Any recommendations?


I'm thinking of 215/50-17 Dunlop M3 winter tires. Any recommendations?



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I have an older set of jdm wheels I am hoping to get by with. Look for my other thread 'Caliper Clearance...'


These wheels have the same bolt pattern as the new LGT and my last legacy (01BE GT). I had also thought about STI wheels, however I did not realize they were a different bolt pattern. I am also wondering if the current 17' LGT wheels would provide better clearance of the calipers.... I need to decide soon, winter is fast approaching!


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