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I soiled my pants today...

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I was driving on the highway passing a line of cars. I topped out 4th gear then misshifted into 3rd. Burried the tach.


I immediately poped the clutch in and coasted to around 60 mph. The engine seemed to be fine so I popped her back into 4th and checked the dash. No CEL thank god... no odd noises. Continued to drive another 30 miles back into Buffalo. No problems. Everything seemed to be A-ok.


I feel like such a dumbass. I guess I should stay more awake when driving on the highway.


On a side note the mild stuttering that happens time to time seemed to have dissapeared completely. Weird.


Does anybody know what RPM top of 4th into 3rd translates to?


Flame Away.

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ya... I was stupid. Aiming for 5th but 3rd dosent go in that easily even with NORMAL driving. God knows why it went in at way over its speed.


We wanted multiple syncros on 3rd we got multiple syncros on third... Im gonna write to subaru about how im a dumbass and that im gonna sue cause they put too many syncros on 3rd afterall this is america. :lol:

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I haven't missed a gear yet but I have hit the limiter a few times. I'm sure if you did any damage you would have known about it RIGHT AWAY.


I noticed the transmission can shift _way_ out of place during spirited driving.. A lot of times haven't found the 4th notch on the first try when taking a on ramp putting down a lot of torque in 3rd.. Seems like it wants to go into 2nd.


I thinking of getting the STI tranny mount and the hardened shifter bushings from cobb. I'm hoping it helps a little...anyone have this?

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